About Us

Bo And Wolv is an interior décor online store in South Africa inspired by slow living and the Japanese wabi sabi living which means an aesthetic which appreciates beauty that is imperfect. We achieve this by sourcing reclaimed wood from all over the country and continent and use this wood to make unique items for the home. Some of our items are made by local artisans and use recycled material. Our items are inspired by many artisans around the world and the items we see on Pinterest homes. We give you the choice to browse and shop our carefully curated and unique statement pieces for a timeless home. Our items are rarely found anywhere else in the country. We specialize in rustic and vintage inspired items and believe in the imperfection that gives each product its unique character. A home should never feel decorated but rather feel collected and tell your guests about you. Our items will assist in making your home feel high-end and aesthetically pleasing.